As the years go by..

Haha, over a year since I last posted..

Since the last post the white car has been moved from Mikes old place in Kanmantoo to my house – and has continued to sit waiting to be fixed
April 2015


The black car has the same fate, I did get the bottom A-pillar plates made by Paul @ Custom and Classic Cars;
April 2015

Today (3rd or 4th car cover)

Got some things for the rebuilds
June 2015

September 2015

The biggest news is in June 2015 I bought a second hand shed to put at the rear of the property just for me to all my tools and to work on all the Altos + old Lancer
October 2015

^ This is the only path to get cars up; just wide enough for my LA Lancer, plenty wide for the Altos


Forgot to title

Shiiiiit, been a long time since I posted.

White RSR550 has been off the road for almost a month for engine swap;

The original F5B has had bad compression for a while now, as well as going through coolant and leaking oil. I also started noticing rubber burning – which I eventually decided was probably timing belt, so it had to be changed.

I’d been prepping the spare F6A from Wally for a while to go in and finally decided to swap the cars over to Mikes and start the swap.


Haven’t updated in a while due to laziness;

Have bought many more tools, sold a few old Lancer parts.. gotten old.

Since mentioned toolbox I have:

Cleco Fastener Kit w/ tool
Rivnut/Nutsert Kit w/ gun
125mm Makita Angle Grinder
550 x 850 x 570 mm (Working area) Blasting Cabinet
Mini (6″ Main Wheel) English Wheel Set w/ 7 Wheels
18″ Sheet Metal Bead Roller
12pc Geared Spanner Set (‘Ratchet Ringies’)

Today I picked up a 14″ Drop Saw, ordered a Engine Leveller bizzo for Engine Crane and a Digital Thermometer

Don’t think I’ve mentioned my mad stereo setup is ‘finished’







Decided to spend on some tools last fortnight with a sale or two around the place.

Grabbed a 7 draw Sidchrome roll cabinet from Gasweld / Adelaide Tools, since they are moving to the new design I got a 7 draw instead of the 5. Measured up the Alto and grabbed it myself – tight fit!




Also got a rivnut kit off ebay for a great price. And a cleco kit also from eBay – just in case I need to do panel work.



Latest bunch of parts have arrived! Naturally via Jesse Streeter

2x Double DIN Mounting Kits to suit the centre console

Timing Belt suit F6A

2x Water Pump

Enough Oil Seals for 2x Timing services

Timing Belt for F5B – Pretty damn certain this is the same as the other one

2x Timing Belt Tensioners

2x Complete Engine Gasket Kits – yes, same part number for both F5B and F6A