‘Shocked and dismayed’

Far right pic: New Suzuki Sport for other alto, some local alto, old Suzuki Sport shock, new KYB

Have now installed the new KYBs,
Managed to chop the stubborn rusty bolt off with a angle grinder, reasonably confident the thread is still decent for the new bolt.

Of course I then realised the springs don’t match each other so will have to replace them with a set from the spare Alto,


So this one now has CP21S front seats (blue with wings),

Looking at putting rears in, but the CP21 mounting has changed;
Not sure whether to try and get CP21 covers modified for my spare CM11V set – or keep the CM11V set original to sell

Will be getting new rear shocks installed soon,
KYB 342020
Just getting over a cold, then gotta get work out how to cut the lower shock bolt out – rusted completely in the crush tube.


  • 5x 01550-08303 – Viscous Housing Bolts
  • 2x 48541-82H10 – Steering Rack Bushing
  • 6x 69571-60D01 – Tailgate Hinge Packing
  • 3x 09381-33002 – Rack End Bush Circlip
  • 8x 09117-08070 – Axle>Diff Bolts, 8×19
  • 6x 48114-73B00 – Steering Wheel Pad Clips

01517-08303  —> 0155008303  —> 01550-0830B


  • 1x 08211-20345 – Thrust Washer
  • 1x 09159-16003 – Nut
  • 1x 09160-16006 – Washer, 16x5X30X2.6
  • 2x 08110-62070 – Inner Axle Bearing
  • 1x 27315-74B11 – Pinion Spacer
  • 1x 09262-60001 – Front Viscous Bearing, 60X85X13
  • 8x 09100-08265 – Axle>Diff Bolts
  • 8x  08321-0108A – Axle>Diff Washers
  • 2x  09381-33002 – Rack End Bush Circlip




Another Amayama order, small again

  • 1x 09159-20007 – Pinion Nut
  • 2x 09265-25027 – Pinion Taper Bearing

For eventual rebuild of rear differential

Substituted Part Numbers
09159-20007   —>  09159-20009
09265-25027   —>  09265-25039

Bar’d up

Newer model bumper has arrived from Japan, again via Streeter

The next model after the CM11V was with the new Kei specification, allowing an extra 100mm in the body length. Suzuki decided to put this entirely in the front and rear bumpers.
This bumper with combo lights + shipping was around the same price as getting 2x combo lights shipped separately from the auctions.

Later on I found out that as well as changing the combo light mounting, they also extended the bonnet.