F5B Bottom End Musings

Piston Rings: 12140:
12140-70B60 (12140-73D00)
– DA41T 550?

Piston: 12111:
12111-73B01-0B0 STD
12111-73B00-025 0.25 OS
12111-73B00-050 0.50 OS

Piston, Pin: 12151:
– Same as CP21S F6A DOHC

Conrod: 12160:

Rod Bearings: 12181:
12181-54A50-0A0 T: 1.5
– Same as CP21S F6A DOHC

Crank Bearings: 12300:
12300-54810-0A0 T: 2.0

Thrust Bearing: 12300A:
12300-78830 T2.5
12300-78830-012  OS: 0.125 T: 2.563 blue
12300-78830-025  OS: 0.25 T: 2.625

1 Car in

One car is in! 3 to go..

And this one was lightest (with wheels) but still was a pain.

Shed Progress

Good news everyone, my shed now has a floor after a short wait.

Decent price by a local mob, should be able to start moving my (lots of) stuff in this weekend.
Be out of space by next week I’m sure

As the years go by..

Haha, over a year since I last posted..

Since the last post the white car has been moved from Mikes old place in Kanmantoo to my house – and has continued to sit waiting to be fixed
April 2015


The black car has the same fate, I did get the bottom A-pillar plates made by Paul @ Custom and Classic Cars;
April 2015

Today (3rd or 4th car cover)

Got some things for the rebuilds
June 2015

September 2015

The biggest news is in June 2015 I bought a second hand shed to put at the rear of the property just for me to all my tools and to work on all the Altos + old Lancer
October 2015

^ This is the only path to get cars up; just wide enough for my LA Lancer, plenty wide for the Altos