‘Shocked and dismayed’

Far right pic: New Suzuki Sport for other alto, some local alto, old Suzuki Sport shock, new KYB

Have now installed the new KYBs,
Managed to chop the stubborn rusty bolt off with a angle grinder, reasonably confident the thread is still decent for the new bolt.

Of course I then realised the springs don’t match each other so will have to replace them with a set from the spare Alto,


So this one now has CP21S front seats (blue with wings),

Looking at putting rears in, but the CP21 mounting has changed;
Not sure whether to try and get CP21 covers modified for my spare CM11V set – or keep the CM11V set original to sell

Will be getting new rear shocks installed soon,
KYB 342020
Just getting over a cold, then gotta get work out how to cut the lower shock bolt out – rusted completely in the crush tube.


  • 5x 01550-08303 – Viscous Housing Bolts
  • 2x 48541-82H10 – Steering Rack Bushing
  • 6x 69571-60D01 – Tailgate Hinge Packing
  • 3x 09381-33002 – Rack End Bush Circlip
  • 8x 09117-08070 – Axle>Diff Bolts, 8×19
  • 6x 48114-73B00 – Steering Wheel Pad Clips

01517-08303  —> 0155008303  —> 01550-0830B