Latest bunch of parts have arrived! Naturally via Jesse Streeter

2x Double DIN Mounting Kits to suit the centre console

Timing Belt suit F6A

2x Water Pump

Enough Oil Seals for 2x Timing services

Timing Belt for F5B – Pretty damn certain this is the same as the other one

2x Timing Belt Tensioners

2x Complete Engine Gasket Kits – yes, same part number for both F5B and F6A

Dribs n Drabs


Picked up the new fuel filter (Z518),


Windscreen is finally out, worse rust than I though – but not holey.
Picked up the bits from the powdercoaters, cost was a smidge more than I hoped but still awesome.

Not pictured, lower front crossmember.
Blaaack silicon vacuum hose arrived from eBay, surprisingly quick from HK.
Mounts ordered.


Dropped off a box of stuff to the powdercoaters today, couple brackets on the engine, some light mounting ones and the front main member. Should be ready in a week or two.

Sent a request through to Streeter for a Suzuki Sport mount kit – replacements for all 4 mounts in the engine bay, pretty sure they are slightly firmer too.

Still no luck getting windscreen out, first place I made an appointment with (who never turned up) hasn’t contacted me. Sent a SMS to reschedule and no luck yet.
Another place further away quoted me cheap < lots with no real guesses as to time.

Found a new set of wind deflectors for the doors on Yahoo Auctions, sent a request off to a local place to see how much to get in with his next container – don’t think they’d survive a postal trip.

Oh, ordered some black silicon vacuum hose off eBay for all the cars.

Status: RSR660

Un-complied, incomplete.

Things to do:

  • Remove windscreen for cowl and roof rust repair
  • Paint engine bay new colour
  • Add new bump stops to new front struts
  • Press out rear control arm bushes
  • Do another lot of powder coating
  • Tar front road facing body
  • Install new front control arms and suspension
  • Rebuild steering rack with new bush
  • Install outer tie-rod ends
  • Remove old sound deadening from interior
  • Install new dynamat in interior
  • …. and many more things 🙁

Parts Order: Streeter

Made my most expensive order to date with Streeter.

Soon to be on its way from Japan:

  • Pair of inner tie-rods
  • Pair of front lower control arms
  • Pair of genuine fender mirrors!!!11 – never seen in real life, not even in the brochures
  • (84701-81000-5PK + 84702-81000-5PK)

  • Genuine windscreen moulding

New outer tie-rods and a rack rebuild will mean a complete new front suspension setup



  • 4x 11686-85501 – Engine Mounting Pad/Cushion
  • 4x 11684-85501 – Engine Mounting Pad/Cushion
  • 4x 11685-85000 – Engine Mounting Washer
  • 2x 84618-60D01 – Windscreen Stopper
  • 2x 09148-05018 – Windscreen Spacer Second
  • 1x 84751-70B00-5PK – Door Mirror Blank-off (Outside)
  • 1x 84756-70B00-5PK – Door Mirror Blank-off (Outside)

11685-85000 —> 11685-79J00


  • 5x 01550-08303 – Viscous Housing Bolts
  • 2x 48541-82H10 – Steering Rack Bushing
  • 6x 69571-60D01 – Tailgate Hinge Packing
  • 3x 09381-33002 – Rack End Bush Circlip
  • 8x 09117-08070 – Axle>Diff Bolts, 8×19
  • 6x 48114-73B00 – Steering Wheel Pad Clips

01517-08303  —> 0155008303  —> 01550-0830B