Tie-rods, yumcha style

Ordered 2 sets of outer tie-rods from a Chinese company for possibly both Altos. Total cost delivered matches cost of 2 genuine ones – undelivered. If I’m unimpressed with the quality I’ll only use them on RSR550 and go genuine for RSR660 Update: Enquired about order status; received refund due to parts NLA


1x 77831-71B50-M69 – Front/Rear ‘Works RS/R Fulltime 4WD’ Decal 1x 11955-73B50 – F5B Emissions Decal 1x 11955-64D03 – F6A Emissions Decal Update: NLA (Still): 11955-73B50

Parts Order: Streeter

Made my most expensive order to date with Streeter. Soon to be on its way from Japan: Pair of inner tie-rods Pair of front lower control arms Pair of genuine fender mirrors!!!11 – never seen in real life, not even in the brochures (84701-81000-5PK + 84702-81000-5PK) Genuine windscreen moulding New …


4x 11686-85501 – Engine Mounting Pad/Cushion 4x 11684-85501 – Engine Mounting Pad/Cushion 4x 11685-85000 – Engine Mounting Washer 2x 84618-60D01 – Windscreen Stopper 2x 09148-05018 – Windscreen Spacer Second 1x 84751-70B00-5PK – Door Mirror Blank-off (Outside) 1x 84756-70B00-5PK – Door Mirror Blank-off (Outside) Update: Substitution: 11685-85000 —> 11685-79J00


5x 01550-08303 – Viscous Housing Bolts 2x 48541-82H10 – Steering Rack Bushing 6x 69571-60D01 – Tailgate Hinge Packing 3x 09381-33002 – Rack End Bush Circlip 8x 09117-08070 – Axle>Diff Bolts, 8×19 6x 48114-73B00 – Steering Wheel Pad Clips Update: Substitution 01517-08303  —> 0155008303  —> 01550-0830B