Fresh powder

Engine mounting brackets dropped in to powder coaters (after 2 attempts at painting them myself), as well as a few other brackets around the bay. May attempt to put engine and gbox together on as much subframe as I can outside the shell.

Sticker: Tyre Placard

Original (79161-70B80) Replacement (79161-73G20, 40x40mm) タイヤ空気圧 kgf/cm2 ー般高速共Tyre Pressure kgf/cm2 High Speed & General タイヤサイズ 前輪 後輪Tyre Size Front Wheel Rear Wheel 155/65R13 73H – 1.8 ((25 psi)) 応急用タイヤTyres for emergency T105/80D13 – 4.2 ((59 psi)) 詳細は取扱説明書お読みくださいFor more information, please read the instruction manual

OEM Part Sourcing

Found a website/company called Amayama for sourcing genuine parts for many Japanese automakers and decided to give them a go ordering some stickers 1x 11955-73B50 – F5B Emissions 1x 12597-69000 – Unleaded Fuel 1x 79161-73G20 – Tyre Placard 1x 79131-79A10-21G – Load Weight Update: Order arrived minus 11955-73B50 (NLA)