1x 08211-20345 – Thrust Washer 1x 09159-16003 – Nut 1x 09160-16006 – Washer, 16x5X30X2.6 2x 08110-62070 – Inner Axle Bearing 1x 27315-74B11 – Pinion Spacer 1x 09262-60001 – Front Viscous Bearing, 60X85X13 8x 09100-08265 – Axle>Diff Bolts 8x  08321-0108A – Axle>Diff Washers 2x  09381-33002 – Rack End Bush Circlip Update: NLA: 09262-60001 …


Another Amayama order, small again 1x 09159-20007 – Pinion Nut 2x 09265-25027 – Pinion Taper Bearing For eventual rebuild of rear differential Update: Substituted Part Numbers 09159-20007   —>  09159-20009 09265-25027   —>  09265-25039

More later model bits

Along with the column cover for the other Alto, I order a ‘upper class lazy lever’ for this one. The standard CM11V only has tailgate latching, this one has fuel as well.Will have to modify the fuel door and mount obviously to fit.

Bar’d up

Newer model bumper has arrived from Japan, again via Streeter The next model after the CM11V was with the new Kei specification, allowing an extra 100mm in the body length. Suzuki decided to put this entirely in the front and rear bumpers.This bumper with combo lights + shipping was around …