‘New’ Turbo vs F6A

Allegedly a Hitachi HT07-5 from eBay, on a CP21S F6A DOHC 16V
Would need some sort of modification near oil warmer and filter
– Coolant flange not compatible with the stock RHB31

Alto F5A / F5B Configs

Wikipedia doesn’t really mention what avail engine configurations were offered for Altos (mainly in Japan of course) So while I’m wasting time checking part number interchangeability I thought I’d try and work this out. F5A SS40V (62x60mm) SOHC 6 Valve Carb Cx71V (62x60mm) (Leaf Spring Rear) SOHC 6 Valve Carb …

Fixing Bits

Its a new year, but little has changed.The cars still off the road. Shed stuff is going slowly, have a bench and a few more tools. Since another Works owner contacted me on FB I noticed all the image fails on this site – so currently fixing all them.