Fixing Bits

Its a new year, but little has changed.The cars still off the road. Shed stuff is going slowly, have a bench and a few more tools. Since another Works owner contacted me on FB I noticed all the image fails on this site – so currently fixing all them.

F5B Bottom End Musings

Piston Rings: 12140: 12140-70B60 (12140-73D00) –┬áDA41T 550? Piston: 12111: 12111-73B01-0B0 STD 12111-73B00-025 0.25 OS 12111-73B00-050 0.50 OS Piston, Pin: 12151: 12151-54A50 – Same as CP21S F6A DOHC Conrod: 12160: 12160-70B50 Rod Bearings: 12181: 12181-54A50-0A0 T: 1.5 – Same as CP21S F6A DOHC Crank Bearings: 12300: 12300-54810-0A0 T: 2.0 Thrust Bearing: …

Shed Progress

Good news everyone, my shed now has a floor after a short wait. Decent price by a local mob, should be able to start moving my (lots of) stuff in this weekend. Be out of space by next week I’m sure