Decided to spend on some tools last fortnight with a sale or two around the place.

Grabbed a 7 draw Sidchrome roll cabinet from Gasweld / Adelaide Tools, since they are moving to the new design I got a 7 draw instead of the 5. Measured up the Alto and grabbed it myself – tight fit!




Also got a rivnut kit off ebay for a great price. And a cleco kit also from eBay – just in case I need to do panel work.


After 6 weeks on a leaky boat, my wheels have been delivered 😀





Seems they are ‘Potenza TR-1 ST-4’
Not sure when I’ll fit them up – or if I’ll use them on RSR550 at all
Will probably get the centres painted, thinking black or gold (For purple car)

Radiators arrived from China, pretty decent – a few details are off; but they’re usable.
Will send off Bennys soon.

Ordered a couple engine gasket kits, and a couple timing service kits.
When they arrive I’ll have 3 engines worth inc timing belt, gaskets, tensioners and water pumps.

Got Steve at Jazmac to compression check RSR550 – poor results as I expected, likely rings.
90 / 75 / 50 PSI :S
Still driving it though.

Tailgate container is on its way, should be unpacked in early May.

Yen is at parity with our dollar again, so I’m itching to get more stuff while I can.

Dat Wheely Good Yen

Since the Yen has been high lately, I’ve been wanting to buy.. anything from JP to take advantage.

I’ve been looking at rims a lot since I was sure I’d save more than buying locally, and obviously the range and goodness is much better.

I bid (via Streeter of course) on some Work Equip, 13x6J +10,



I was outbid on these, which was kinda alright since It went a bit higher then I wanted anyway.

Looked around a bit more and found some 13×5.5J +15 with less days left, lower start bid, and no bids yet.
Put a bid in a start and eventually won with no other bidders 😀




They should be leaving Streeter sometime next week for their long journey here.
Thinking I might get the centres powder coated before they go on

Summer nothing, had me a blasttt?

Me no likey summer, hot sweat grrrr.

Nothing done on the cars at all.

Did get some air tools for christmas,

  • Air Sand Blast Gun – Spot
  • 3/8″ Ratchet Wrench
  • 150mm Air Hammer
  • 1/4″ Die Grinder
  • 3/8″ Reversible Air Drill
  • 100mm Angle Grinder
  • 1/2″ Impact Wrench
  • 20m Auto Loaded Air Hose Reel

Also ordered a Engine Crane on christmas day – because of decent price and free delivery, on a 95Kg item!

Today I went out and bought a Sidchrome 8 Drawer Tool Chest for all my stuff, will hopefully get a roller cabinet for my birthday in August.