Brake Upgrade – Vented

It is common that people wish to upgrade the front brakes to a more conventional rotor on front of hub and vented rotor setup.
The consensus is “Swift / Alto / Geo Metro”, but never really any more specific details than that.
Below is the part numbers of the setup my black car came with — again, I have little clarity as to what exact model the parts are from.

Caliper, Rotor

(Reference Image Only)
  • 10: Brake Pads
    Marking – GDB 883
    Possible Models – TRW
    107.3 x 44.6mm, 14.9mm Thick
  • 13: Rotor
    Marking – 60B3
    Determined OEM # – 55311-60B30
    Possible Models – MegaZip
    231 x 17mm Vented, 64mm Centre Hole, 4×114.3
  • 14: Rotor Dust Shield
    Marking – 60B20
    Determined OEM # – 55321-60B20
    Possible Models – MegaZip

Knuckle, Hub

(Reference Image Only)
  • 15: Washer
    18 x 35 x 4mm
  • 16: Hub
    Marking – 4B25
  • 20: Hub Bearing
    Markings – Koyo DAC3668AW
  • 21: Knuckle Seal
    Markings – Koyo -OR MHRA 53 68.2 7 12

Black Car Current Setup (Pads removed)

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