Magna ECU Connectors

Since I’m playing around with Dad’s Magna, thought I’d post my findings on the ECU Connectors (in case it’s not on the interwoozles) TL Auto ((Bosch F005E00101, MR988726)) 35P Blue Retainer MX7-A-35SC MX7-A-35S-RT 26P Blue Retainer MX7-A-26SC MX7-A-26S-RT 28P Orange Retainer MX7-A-28SC MX7-A-28S-RT 30P Green Retainer MX7-A-30SC MX7-A-30S-RT Pins: MX7-PWC2-1E-4500 …

‘New’ Turbo vs F6A

Allegedly a Hitachi HT07-5 from eBay, on a CP21S F6A DOHC 16V
Would need some sort of modification near oil warmer and filter
– Coolant flange not compatible with the stock RHB31