No fixin yet

Haven’t really started fixing this car as yet. Ordered a new fuel filter (Z518), Found the system from the other white car – tank, pump, filter and lines; Plan now is to clean out / check these lines and tank and install into RSR550, with the new filter and soft …

Fuelly sick

Headed out to the Mighty Car Mods (unofficial) Meet tonight, Earlier in the day went to Mikes and hammered the rear guards a bit as I’d noticed the tyre has been hitting. On the way down at the Stirling turn off bridge I ran out of fuel :(, managed to …

Status: RSR550

Registered, fuelled, driven. Things to do: Swap doors with other white Alto Swap tailgate with other white Alto Get rear ‘seat’ re-trimmed with later style colours Install boost gauge on steering column Rebuild/swap steering rack Install new outer tie-rods (Chinese ones still haven’t left China..)

Tie-rods, yumcha style

Ordered 2 sets of outer tie-rods from a Chinese company for possibly both Altos. Total cost delivered matches cost of 2 genuine ones – undelivered. If I’m unimpressed with the quality I’ll only use them on RSR550 and go genuine for RSR660 Update: Enquired about order status; received refund due to parts NLA

‘Shocked and dismayed’

Far right pic: New Suzuki Sport for other alto, some local alto, old Suzuki Sport shock, new KYB

Have now installed the new KYBs,
Managed to chop the stubborn rusty bolt off with a angle grinder, reasonably confident the thread is still decent for the new bolt.

Of course I then realised the springs don’t match each other so will have to replace them with a set from the spare Alto,