Fixing Bits

Its a new year, but little has changed.
The cars still off the road.

Shed stuff is going slowly, have a bench and a few more tools.

Since another Works owner contacted me on FB I noticed all the image fails on this site – so currently fixing all them.

F5B Bottom End Musings

Piston Rings: 12140:
12140-70B60 (12140-73D00)
– DA41T 550?

Piston: 12111:
12111-73B01-0B0 STD
12111-73B00-025 0.25 OS
12111-73B00-050 0.50 OS

Piston, Pin: 12151:
– Same as CP21S F6A DOHC

Conrod: 12160:

Rod Bearings: 12181:
12181-54A50-0A0 T: 1.5
– Same as CP21S F6A DOHC

Crank Bearings: 12300:
12300-54810-0A0 T: 2.0

Thrust Bearing: 12300A:
12300-78830 T2.5
12300-78830-012  OS: 0.125 T: 2.563 blue
12300-78830-025  OS: 0.25 T: 2.625

As the years go by..

Haha, over a year since I last posted..

Since the last post the white car has been moved from Mikes old place in Kanmantoo to my house – and has continued to sit waiting to be fixed
April 2015


The black car has the same fate, I did get the bottom A-pillar plates made by Paul @ Custom and Classic Cars;
April 2015

Today (3rd or 4th car cover)

Got some things for the rebuilds
June 2015

September 2015

The biggest news is in June 2015 I bought a second hand shed to put at the rear of the property just for me to all my tools and to work on all the Altos + old Lancer
October 2015

^ This is the only path to get cars up; just wide enough for my LA Lancer, plenty wide for the Altos


Forgot to title

Shiiiiit, been a long time since I posted.

White RSR550 has been off the road for almost a month for engine swap;

The original F5B has had bad compression for a while now, as well as going through coolant and leaking oil. I also started noticing rubber burning – which I eventually decided was probably timing belt, so it had to be changed.

I’d been prepping the spare F6A from Wally for a while to go in and finally decided to swap the cars over to Mikes and start the swap.


Haven’t updated in a while due to laziness;

Have bought many more tools, sold a few old Lancer parts.. gotten old.

Since mentioned toolbox I have:

Cleco Fastener Kit w/ tool
Rivnut/Nutsert Kit w/ gun
125mm Makita Angle Grinder
550 x 850 x 570 mm (Working area) Blasting Cabinet
Mini (6″ Main Wheel) English Wheel Set w/ 7 Wheels
18″ Sheet Metal Bead Roller
12pc Geared Spanner Set (‘Ratchet Ringies’)

Today I picked up a 14″ Drop Saw, ordered a Engine Leveller bizzo for Engine Crane and a Digital Thermometer

Don’t think I’ve mentioned my mad stereo setup is ‘finished’







Decided to spend on some tools last fortnight with a sale or two around the place.

Grabbed a 7 draw Sidchrome roll cabinet from Gasweld / Adelaide Tools, since they are moving to the new design I got a 7 draw instead of the 5. Measured up the Alto and grabbed it myself – tight fit!




Also got a rivnut kit off ebay for a great price. And a cleco kit also from eBay – just in case I need to do panel work.